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     Flesh and Blood




Frank Grace, a homicide detective with a tarnished past, had always maintained the distinction between career and family. Until now. His marriage is on life support. And when an investigation into the killing of an elderly man in a seedy Hollywood bar hits close to home, he finds himself threading a perilous situation.

Along with his principled partner, Michelle Santana, Frank delves into his victim’s life. Digging deeper, one inescapable fact becomes painfully apparent.

His wife has been harboring a dark secret.

A distraught widow insists her husband’s death was not accidental. A hedge fund manager is found slain in a derelict part of Los Angeles. A highly-respected plastic surgeon with connections to the highest levels of local government has a personal ax to grind. A down-on-his-luck chauffeur with a gambling addiction needs to come up with forty thousand dollars. A blacklisted icon from the adult film industry is becoming unhinged.

Somehow, someway, these all circle back to the original murder.

As the detectives untangle a web of deceit, dishonesty and distrust, Frank confronts a life changing, career altering decision between what’s legally just and morally right. Closing the case may very well close the door on his marriage.


"Intriguing, fascinating, and unpredictable, this one will hold your interest from the first page to the last."
                               ---Taylor Jones, Reviewer---

"A hard-hitting, poignant and thought-provoking story with plenty of twists and turns, this one is hard to put down."  

                                ---Regan Murphy, Reviewer---

                             Also by Rob Silverman

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