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Punching at Fog

To find yourself, you must be lost.

Pike Graves, a former boxer who suffers thanatophobia—fear of death—has done everything right. Degree from an Ivy League university, respectable job with a reputable newspaper, and always helping others. He wakes up one day to find himself middle-aged with nothing to show for a forgettable and unexciting existence.He hasn’t been living his life. Instead, his life has been living him.

With nothing and no one, regimented Pike sheds his skin and sets out on a cross-county pilgrimage to reconnect with a long-lost love from high school, Paige Rhodes, the one he believes is his destiny. She’s his last chance at salvation.To have a future, he must revisit his past.Back home, his ex-girlfriend learns she’s listed as beneficiary on one of his accounts. She stands to inherit a fortune if he’s killed and promptly enlists the help of a past lover to hunt him down, thereby setting in motion a coast-to-coast pursuit.

As Pike tries to find himself, someone is trying to find him.Pike learns life is not black and white but rather a gray mosaic. He uncovers truths about himself and his family. Nothing is as he remembers. Nothing is as it seems. The former boxer discovers that oftentimes the most painful blows in life are not the physical ones.

You can win…but still lose.

Sacrificing the Pawn

A bomb rocks West Hollywood. And with that, LA joins the brotherhood of American cities hammered by the harsh fist of terrorism. A dozen murdered and numerous injured, including Frank Grace, a cop with a checkered past who once again is at the wrong place at the wrong time.

While recuperating, Detective Grace is handpicked by the police chief to do whatever necessary, legal or not, to swiftly apprehend the perpetrators. Chief Kent refuses to stand by while his city burns and his legacy is tarnished amidst the growing rage and prejudicial violence spreading across Los Angeles.

Along with his principled partner, Michelle Santana, Frank begins to unravel a perilous network of deceit, dishonesty, and distrust. A fellow officer with a shady history, a judge with a dubious past, and a high-class prostitute are abducted. A homeless man is murdered. All are seemingly unrelated to the terrorist attack. Or are they? Frank Grace doesn’t think so.

With the feds breathing down his neck, the chief pressuring him, the knowledge that even longtime allies can’t be trusted, and another attack looming, Frank realizes time is running out. Exposing the truth may further damage his already-tainted reputation, end his career, and cost him his life. Is he just a pawn in someone else’s game?

Plain God

Nick Garrison had two goals in life. He longed to survive high school and then quickly flee the dead end town in western Pennsylvania to pursue his dreams across the country. Never looking back, he says farewell to friends, family—and his high school sweetheart, Brandi Conrad.

Decades later, Nick returns home a failure. But with a secret to share. As he catches up with old pals and confronts decades-old animosity within his family, he realizes something is amiss in Avalon Hills. Everything appears untouched by the passage of time. But Nick quickly discovers looks are often deceiving. When he begins inquiring as to the whereabouts of Brandi, he inadvertently sets in motion a deadly chain of events. While shadowed by a mysterious figure, he realizes a countdown has begun.

Because Nick is not the only one with a secret.

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